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Tel: +86-155 8862 1002   Email: info@roxxtektools.com Web: www.roxxtektools.com
Roxxtek Industrial was established in March 2012 as an OEM exporter of power equipment.  Initially emphasis was placed on power tool accessories where quality was stable.  Sales however quickly expanded to other tools & equipments

2012 launched power tool accessories, sheetmetalmachines
2013 launched construction machines, lawn mower spare parts
2014 launched electric portable tools, garage storage, and auto repair tools
2015 new power tool accessories, new construction machines

All products are designed and produced by our own facilities with stable and reliable quality and management who displayed a high level of business ethics.


RM1213, #3, Excellence Century Center, 31 Longcheng Road, Qingdao, China
E-mail: info@roxxtektools.com
Tel: +86-155 8862 1002